1) A Home Passes or Fails an Inspection

This is not like an exam in high school where you either pass or fail. The point of an inspection is to assess the condition of the home, the good and the bad. The inspector will write up a summary after inspecting the home that reports on any issues the home has and the age of key systems, such as plumbing, electric, the roof, etc. This is a benefit not a hinderance.

2) All Agents Are the Same

This could not be farther from the truth! The general process of a transaction, be it buying or selling, is the same. However, an agent's approach, ability to negotiate and be flexible, the resources they have and the preferred lenders and attorneys they work with make certain agents invaluable to the home buying or selling process. When an agent is notably pleasant to work with other agents prefer to work with them as well, giving them a better chance of getting the deal done.

3) New Agents Don't Have the Know-How

Being new to any field and not having specific experience in real estate does not mean you do not have the "know-how". As in any job, it is the skills you can bring to the job and the continuing training that helps an agent succeed.

4) Agents Accept Kickbacks

A lot of people feel certain agents get kickbacks. A Congress bill RESPA (Real Estate Settlement Procedure Act) effectively restricted such unlawful activities in the real estate sector. We do offer a vendor list to our clients. It is by no means a paid endorsement of any kind, but rather a suggestion of quality vendors that we have used in the past that we know do exceptional work. 

5) Find Your Perfect Home and Then Get Your Pre-Approval

Buying a new home is exciting. It is no surprise that as a home buyer, one of the first things you want to do is to drive through desired neighborhoods looking at homes or attending open houses. But you should NOT focus your time on finding your desired home before getting pre-approved for a mortgage. Putting your pre-approval first, as many qualified real estate agents and lenders would tell you, will help your home buying process be less stressful and go much smoother. In an extremely competitive real estate market like today, having your pre-approval will give you a significant competitive edge in a scenario with multiple offers.