Meet Jocelyn Jhonson, a passionate Realtor whose life's narrative weaves a rich tapestry from the Dominican Republic to the coastal charm of North Carolina. As the youngest of three siblings, Jocelyn's early years were marked by modest means but filled with the joy derived from simple pleasures. Her father's journey to the United States when she was just five paved the way for a new chapter, culminating in their settlement in the United States in 1992. Realizing her dream of living near the beach, she eventually settled in Sneads Ferry.

Jocelyn's journey into real estate is deeply rooted in her desire to assist others in achieving the American dream of homeownership, a path she once traversed herself. A mother of three, soon-to-be grandmother, and an enthusiast of fishing, she finds tranquility and delight in the coastal lifestyle. Jocelyn's most cherished moments in real estate are those where she connects with clients, discovers their perfect homes, and celebrates the culmination of the buying or selling process on closing day. With a preference for the ocean, an affinity for public speaking, and aspirations to engage in community organizations, Jocelyn Johnson brings a personal and heartfelt touch to her role as a Realtor, forging connections that go beyond mere transactions.

Are you a front-row kind of student or back-row kind of student?

Front row student

What is your favorite dessert?


What is your dream vacation?

Bora bora and Cooks Island.


You can get in touch with Jocelyn for all your real estate needs at 978-397-3319 or