Introducing Kirsten, your go-to realtor for all your housing needs! Kirsten's love for real estate sparked from her own positive experiences, and inspired her to help others find homes they love too. With a strong bond to family, Kirsten cherishes moments with her mom, sister, and daughter, who are her closest companions. Outside of the real estate realm, you'll find her at the gym, basking in the sun at the beach, or baking. Kirsten has called the area home since 1989 with Lilly, her beloved 15-year-old Maltese.


In the realm of real estate, Kirsten's passion

 lies in assisting buyers, relishing in the opportunity to guide them through their home-buying journey. Downtown holds a special place in her heart for its vibrant atmosphere and bustling scene, perfect for enjoying concerts and great food. For those visiting the area, Kirsten recommends hitting the beach and capping it off with a sweet treat from Boombalatti's. 

Kirsten's zest for life shines through, making her not just a realtor, but a trusted friend in the community.

Do you use a map app to find your way around or do you wing it?

Map app

Are you a front-row kind of student or back-row kind of student?

Second row

What was your first concert? Where was it and how old were you?

Green Day, 16

You can get in touch with Kirsten for all your real estate needs at 919-228-7318 or