Congratulation!  You probably landed here because you are thinking about buying a new home! And we would love to help. Wondering what the process is? Here is a simplified checklist of the 10 steps to buying a home:

Save for your down payment

Create a budget and do some research. There are some low down payment options available. This may be the time to talk with a mortgage lender like Kristian Siemon, from Angel Oak Home Loans (NMLS #613810), who can help you find the best course for you based on your needs. Connecting with a mortgage lender early in the process will help make the whole process feel much easier.

Know your credit score

Learn your score, and see if you can raise it by cleaning up your outstanding debts. Again working with a mortgage advisor like Kristian will help you know what steps you might need to take here. 

Get Pre-Approved

Talk to your mortgage lender and find out what you can afford. Being pre-approved will set you up as a serious buyer, and help you find a house you can afford.

Find a Realtor

Contact a local Realtor. All of our Realtors are here to help serve you. They are not just here to help you find your dream home, but they will also help take you through the complete process of buying a home. You can reach out to any of our agents to get started. Not sure who might be a good fit for you? Give our office a call and we would love to connect you with the Realtor who will best serve your needs! You can connect with any of our agents here or reach out to Stephanie Long and she will help connect you with the right agent for your needs! 

Find a home

This part can be so much fun, but it can also take a bit of time. Remember your Realtor is a pro at this! They will help you find the best home for you and your family on your budget.

Make an offer

Once you find the best home for your needs your Realtor will help you through the next step of submitting an offer and the bunch of paperwork that comes next.

Home inspection

When buying a new home your Realtor will probably recommend a home inspection. This process helps to determine if there are any issues with the home that may need to be addressed before you close on the house.

Have a home appraisal

Again your Realtor and lender will help with this part of the process. The appraisal will ensure that the property is worth the price you are prepared to pay.

Closing Day

Closing day is the day when it all becomes official, and you get the keys to your new house. This is when you sign the final paperwork for your loan and other documents.

Time to move!

Congratulations! Now that you have the keys to your new house you can move in and make your new house a home!