Dog on couch with Christmas tree in the backgroundIts that time of the year, when you start planning for the holidays... but what about selling your home? Is it even possible to sell a house during the last 6 weeks of the year?

Without a doubt, the answer is a resounding YES! Not only is it possible, but it might just be the best time to list you house. 

What are the benefits of selling a house during the winter?

Motivated buyers! While there are potentially more buyers looking during the spring and summer months, the buyers who are looking during the winter months are motivated - typically winter moves are motivated by relocations, changes in financial situations, or a change in family needs. 

Less seller competition! With fewer homes on the market in the winter, there is less competition for those motivated buyers. 

More time off! More companies close for a few extra days during the holiday's. This gives buyers extra time to look at houses without having to take time off from work. This give sellers more opportunities for open houses, and can open up more availability for showings. 

Tax benefits! Buyers looking for some of the tax benefits of home ownership may be looking to close before the end of the year giving December listings a boost!

More attention from agents! With fewer options on the market and few listings agents can spend more time focused on helping sell your house.

Holiday selling Tips!

Have a strong online listing. When weather is bad, most house hunting will happen online. Make sure that your home is being shown in its best light, with bright photos and an engaging description.

Invest in professional photography. Quality photos, and 3D floorplans are essential. Photos that make you home look bright and airy help to show your house in the best possible light. 

Work with the right agent. Working with an agent who know the area, who has a solid marketing plan, and understands the unique challenges sellers face when listing during the holidays. Any one of the agents at Sold Buy Sea Realty would love to help you sell, reach out today to be connected with one of our agents

Keep your holiday decorations simple. Like with many aspects of selling your home - less is more. You want potential buyers to be able to envision themselves, and their decorations in the space. Keep it simple while still making your house feel like a home.

Add (winter) curb appeal. Curb appeal in the winter can be tough. Be sure to illuminate walkways and have a welcome mat for visitors to use. 

Turn on the lights. Use bright / high wattage lightbulb, be sure to turn on any lights that might take some time warm up before you leave for a showing. Consider adding some additional lights throughout to make your home feel warm and inviting. This can also help with curb appeal when people drive up to the house.

Turn on the heat. Be sure to turn the heat on, and make sure the house is nice and warm. 

What are the challenges of selling during the holidays?

You will often face some challenges selling you home any time of year, but there are a few key differences between selling during the holidays and selling during the peak spring and summer seasons.

  • Lowball offers. Buyers tend to think that sellers who have their homes listed during the holiday season are desperate to sell and may make an offer that is much lower than your asking price. These lowball offers can happen any time of the year, but are more often seen during the holiday season.
  • Limited curb appeal. The winter months tend to be a bit dark and dreary, it can be a challenge to show off a home's exterior, especially with the sun setting early in the evening. 
  • Financing can be delayed. With all of the holidays, vacations and extra time out of the office, it may take longer to get your financing finalized during the holiday season. Working with a trusted mortgage professional can help keep these delays to a minimum. If you are looking for a mortgage professional reach out to Kristian Siemon, Angel Oak Home Loans (NMLS #613810)
  • Less likely to get multiple offers. During the peaks seasons of spring and summer, sellers often find themselves in multiple-offer situations, where they’re able to pit multiple buyers against each other to increase the final selling price. This is less likely to happen in a slower selling season. 
  • Inconvenience. It may be more of a challenge to have your home ready for showings at a moments notice - especially with holiday activities like baking and wrapping gifts, or when you have guests for the holidays. 

Sure there may be some additional challenges when selling during the holiday season, but with the right agent and the right marketing plan you can sell your home during the last 6-weeks of the year! If you are ready to move give us a call today 910-367-2965 or register here to be connected with one of our agents